Black Sabbath Named Most Important Band 

By Bob Vincent

Black Sabbath have been named the most important British hard rock band of all time in a poll organised by the British Phonographic Industry. Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin also scored highly, while voters also said the UK was the spiritual home of heavy metal and still a driving force in the genre.

Over 45% of 3600 participants named Sabbath, with around 20% each for Maiden and Led Zep. Meanwhile, three quarters said the UK was still producing world-class heavy artists, listing While She Sleeps as the most promising up-and-coming outfit.

Metallica’s 1991 ‘Black Album’ is the best point-of-entry for metal, voters said. Nearly 80% said their favourite albums left them feeling energised, with 71% saying the music helped them through difficult times. Around 40% of fans discovered the music before their teenage years. Over 65% said their interest had led to new friendships...