John Lennon's Childhood Home For Sale By Auction 

By Bob Vincent

A rare piece of music history will come up for grabs when John Lennon’s childhood home goes under the hammer later this month. The Beatles star lived at 9, Newcastle Road in Wavertree, Liverpool, from his birth on October 9, 1940, until 1942 and then again from 1943 to 1946.

After his parents’ marriage crumbled, Lennon had a troubled time, moving from home to home and from carer to carer—his maternal aunt, his father, his paternal uncle, his mother—before eventually settling with his maternal aunt at Mendips, in Liverpool’s busy Menlove Avenue, where he stayed until 1963. However, his mother moved back for a time into 9, Newcastle Road with her new partner and their first child, and Lennon repeatedly visited them there.

Since then, the red-brick terraced property, which is only a few streets away from Penny Lane, has changed hands only a few times. The structure of the house, with its three bedrooms and two sitting rooms, remains the same as when the Beatles singer lived there...