The Walking Dead Teams With Hyundai 

By: Tim Torrance 

 The Walking Dead and Hyundai have teamed to create the most deadly vehicle on the open roads. Starting October 10 at New York Comic-Con the car manufacturer will be showcasing the “Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine,” a car inspired by the hit AMC series.

Hyundai created the vehicle with the help of The Walking Dead Chop Shop app contest. More than 82,500 fan ideas were submitted through the app. The company ultimately chose a gun-toting, knife-covered vehicle that is coated with aluminum-armor. The vehicle is the creation of Arizona native Anson Kuo. The content winner provided a silenced muffle, urban camouflage, and a focus on blades that help keep ammo loss to a minimum.

The winning design was brought to life by the team at Galpin Auto Sports (GAS) and will be on display at the Future US Booth, Booth #542 at the New York Comic-Con show.

The Santa Fe Zombie Survival Machine will allow fans to hope inside for pictures and Hyundai will be...