Fugitive Comments On Own Wanted Photo On Facebook 

By Alan Bailey - Staff Writer

Yes, this is a real story, I promise. If the police are looking for you, it seems unwise to comment and argue on a "most wanted" photo of you circulating around Facebook. Nicholas Emond is wanted by the New Hampshire Joint Fugitive Task Force on an outstanding warrant for violations of conditions of supervised release.

He was convicted and sentenced for a firearm possession felony. According to police, he "should be considered ARMED & DANGEROUS." WMUR posted Emond's photo on its Facebook page, and somehow, Emond—whose Facebook moniker is Sin Demon—found it and attempted to set the record straight from wherever he was.

An edited list of Emond's sic'd comments:

Emond was arrested Friday morning in Somersworth, N.H. And now we know that if you want to remain a free man, A. Don't comit a crime and B. Don't go on Facebook and keep commenting on your own wanted poster. An if you fail at both A and B, make your wanted poster your profile pic, because at that point, why not.