Family Guys Kills off Brian 

By Alan Bailey - @thealanbailey

Yes, this is real life. Family Guy killed off Brian.

He has been on every episode since the show started in 1998.

But Family Guy dog Brian came to a sad end after being knocked down and killed on last night's episode. (Video from the episode posted below)

And while this would usually be no problem for baby genius Stewie Griffen, he actually dismantled his time machine and could not get the parts to repair it so he could save his best friend's life.

But rather than working hard to track down the necessary components, the family take the easy route and instead go to the pound and adopt a new pooch called Vinny in the appropriately named episode Life Of Brian.

The mutt has a very different personality to the Griffins' previous pet however, and is instead a tough-talking wiseguy voiced by former Sopranos star Tony Sirico, who played Paulie on the long-running HBO hit.

The thing that gets me is that they killed him off in a very normal way and on top of that they replaced the charactor minuites later. Anyone that has had an animal in their life can tell you that saying goodbye is realy hard and "getting over it" is harder. Its not as simple as just go get another one. 

This is clearly Seth MacFarlane starting the killing of the show and its working. MANY fans have gone to the show's facebook to voice their anger over this episode and most of them have said they will no longer watch the show.

I was the guy that watched one episode a month on reruns  but after this, I'm saying goodbye just like Brian.