Digging Up ET 

By Bob Vincent
From The

The tweets started coming in on Saturday morning. Larry Hryb, Microsoft's Xbox spokesman in the US, sent out a simple message to his 675,000 followers: "We found 'em!". Then the photos quickly followed (because the internet is always hungry for photographic proof); old video game boxes, withered and torn, depicting the familiar image of ET and Elliot looking out at the distant horizon. And suddenly, it was all true. In 1983, the video game company Atari really did send truck-loads of unsold video games into the New Mexico desert to be buried in a landfill site. A piece of gaming mythology had become an instance of archeological fact. And of course, there was a film crew there, organising the whole thing for a documentary to be shown exclusively on Xbox. Because this is how the industry works now – literally excavating the past for saleable content...